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chameleon Screenshot

Allpass filter suite

Chameleoon contains all the allpass filters you will ever need for creative work.

  • Chameleon 1: First order allpass filter with frequency control
  • Chameleon 2: First order allpass filter with frequency and q controls
  • Chameleon N: Nth order allpass filter with frequency, q and order controls
  • Chameleon X: Stacking of up to X allpass filters


Performance and Customization

The UI is rendered on the GPU, offloading the CPU for the crucial part: Audio processing. The plugin is freely resizable and highly customizable. Themes and parameter range modifications can easily be done via `json` configuration files.

Plugin formats

  • Windows 10: VST3, CLAP
  • Ubuntu 22.04: VST3, CLAP
  • macOS 12, 13, 14 (Intel and Apple Silicon): AU, VST3, CLAP

System requirements

  • 64 bit only
  • OpenGL 3 or higher
Note: Plugins are not signed. Thus on mac you will need to execute a short command in the shell prior to using it. This is described in the FAQ or the respective manual.