Slew Rate Limiter

Sloth is a slew rate limiter plugin. In electronics “slew rate” is the change of voltage over time. When the input signal at an amplifier switches instantly, the output will not immediately change, but “slew” to the new value at a certain rate.

While in modern electronics slew rates are no concern, some valued older designs feature a limited slew rate. This in itself imposes a characteristic sound. Applying slew rate limiting can result in a variety of effects, including in denser signals, subtle darkening of the tone, enhanced texture of sounds up to massively mangled and crushed effects.

Sloth brings the concept of slew rate limiting to the digital domain as a unique tool for artists, mixers and sound designers.

Sound examples

First half is unprocessed, second half is with Sloth engaged:

Darkpalacestudio · Sloth Demos

Video teaser


Performance and Customization

The UI is rendered on the GPU, offloading the CPU for the crucial part: Audio processing. The plugin is freely resizable and highly customizable. Themes and parameter range modifications can easily be done via `json` configuration files.

Plugin formats

  • Windows 10: VST3, CLAP
  • Ubuntu 22.04: VST3, CLAP
  • macOS 12, 13, 14 (Intel and Apple Silicon): AU, VST3, CLAP

System requirements

  • 64 bit only
  • OpenGL 3 or higher
Note: Plugins are not signed. Thus on mac you will need to execute a short command in the shell prior to using it. This is described in the FAQ or the respective manual.